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I am a writer, musician, and occasional photographer.

Surviving with Grace is a space for me to think broadly about cultural, political and aesthetic issues, as well as thoughts on business communication. If I trained for anything it was literary criticism, and while I might not have pursued that as a profession, its disciplines till inform how I look at the world, the things I read, watch and listen to.  

I earn my living as a commercial copywriter, helping my clients identify and tell the stories they really need to tell. This means I have to think about business, about organisations and how they communicate internally and externally, about how our words and institutions work and change us.

I have written explicitly about business issues in my other blog: Being true. There’s some crossover, when thinking about issues like leadership or identity, so some entries might appear in both blogs. More recently I’ve decided to bring everything into this one space.

I live by the coast in South East England. I’m divorced with three children.

Find out more from my website: http://www.brasington.co.uk

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