Here you can look at some recent fiction (I hope you will).

First and foremost is Folkestone Beef, a complete novel in PDF form. For the moment it’s completely free.

Folkestone Beef

I’ve also been writing some short stories over the last few years, which I came to realise had a common thread, stranded from ideas about faith, guilt and disbelief. Each of these four stories stands alone, but they probably throw some light on each other.

The Voyage



This white lie

And then there’s this piece, which deals with some recent history.




  1. Dear Paul,
    It’s great to see Folkestone Beef available. I shall put the word around….
    Hope to be back on line tomorrow
    with love

  2. Hi Paul. Just read the first chapter of Folkestone Beef. I’m drawn in – and only wish I could take this to bed in book form to read on. It has a strong sense of place (a case of stating the bleedin’ obvious, I know, since that’s clearly part of your purpose). So much so, that it would fit very comfortably with the Tyndal Street Press (Jim Crace, Katherine O’Flynn of ‘What Was Lost’ fame and others). Check them out if ever you’re looking for a publisher. Hope to catch up with you before long. Best wishes Steve

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