Creative living, and longer lives

I want to write about the return of music performance to my life, and think a little about what it might mean for education and the world of work. For the last couple of years I’ve been playing violin in a band with a Mozambican singer, Maiuko. The rest of the band, drums, double bass,... Continue Reading →

Why work for nothing? (4)

The idea of ownership is important to our sense of ourselves. Most of us have at least a few possessions which we feel are really part of us, which somehow help to define us. I have thousands of books, reflecting the development of English literature from Chaucer onwards, most of which I rarely look at,... Continue Reading →

Why work for nothing?

Christopher Hill's The World Turned Upside Down looked at the radical and free-thinking groups that flourished briefly around the time of the English civil war. Those watching the engaging Channel Four series New Worlds have been asked to think about some of the immediate consequences of that turmoil through the Restoration period, a time more... Continue Reading →

Brutal truths

I caught part of a recent BBC Wales profile of Karl Jenkins, perhaps the most commercially successful “classical” composer of our times. I feel I must put in these inverted commas because the genre is not an easy one to talk about: it denotes broadly a world of virtuosity and rigour, a world of demanding... Continue Reading →

Changing education (part three)

3: How to abolish secondary schools So far I’ve looked at misguided aims and an increasingly misconceived curriculum. I’ll pick up those threads now to look at how secondary education resources could be better organised to support more flexible and useful learning. Resources and personalisation Usually within a local authority there might be half a... Continue Reading →

Changing education (part one)

1: Systemic failure I think it's time to abolish secondary schools. This is a longish piece, so I've broken it into four parts, but they should be taken together. What follows is a vision, a challenge to prevailing assumptions, rather than a blueprint for a changed system: much would have to be worked out, and... Continue Reading →

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