Changing education (part four)

4: It all adds up So far I’ve looked at the systemic failure of our current system, explored some of the external and internal pressures demanding radical change, and suggested what that change might begin to look like. In this final part I’ll consider the influence of formal exams and the need for a different... Continue Reading →

Changing education (part three)

3: How to abolish secondary schools So far I’ve looked at misguided aims and an increasingly misconceived curriculum. I’ll pick up those threads now to look at how secondary education resources could be better organised to support more flexible and useful learning. Resources and personalisation Usually within a local authority there might be half a... Continue Reading →

Changing education (part two)

2: Matters of fact In the first part of this essay I focused primarily on the misguided aims of our current system. I want to look now at the way curriculum design reflects those misguided aims and ignores the skills that students will increasingly need for their futures. Enriching experience The curriculum is vastly overspecified... Continue Reading →

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