Right and wrong

A few years ago the US TV producer and self-confessed “right-wing nut job” Joel Surnow tried to create a satirical show to counter the influence of the liberal-minded likes of Jon Stewart. It was a miserable flop, raising the interesting question of why the political right seems to be incapable of sharp or incisive comedy.... Continue Reading →

Spiritual but not religious?

I'm just back from the first public discussion of Jonathan Rowson's spirituality project for the RSA. I want to reflect on what was said because it amplifies and extends some of the points I made in my last blog entry and will lead naturally to other things I want to think about in these pages.... Continue Reading →

Faith and openness

I've been thinking about Jonathan Rowson's latest enquiry within the RSA’s Social Brain project, asking what it is that people mean when they say they are “spiritual but not religious”. It's a good question, and Rowson argues that the answer (or at least the enquiry) should help us understand better what’s going on around us... Continue Reading →

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