Bad behaviour?

Has the backlash against social media begun? That might be wishful thinking for those concerned with the negative effects on human consciousness. Then again the fact that this health concern is now being regularly expressed may itself be part of a turning tide. While it's true that Facebook numbers have not entirely collapsed in the... Continue Reading →

Ads, digital media and the free lunch

We seem to be approaching a moment of truth about Internet content and how it gets paid for. Some have argued for a while that maybe the Net was not as disruptive as previously thought, and that the old school notion of advertising had turned out to be the key to commercial viability. The trouble... Continue Reading →

Like decent human beings

I was in France recently, for work mostly rather than pleasure. I’ve had to speak more French in these few days than I’ve done for decades, and it’s been gratifying to feel that once surrounded by the everyday words and grammar, and forced to use it, my decayed knowledge of the language should revive itself.... Continue Reading →

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